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Manage Stress

Stress management is the competitive advantage of a lifetime. Learn to manage stress like a pro! 

Improve Energy

How do you want to feel? Calm? Focused? Ready to lead? Learn how breathing affects your energy levels. 

Peak Athletic Performance

Breathe to Perform Sport offers simple strategies to improve aerobic capacity and breathe new life into any training program! 

Breathe to Perform: The Seminar

Our Breathe to Perform seminars are a training experience like no other. Learn from our expert coaching staff and optimize your breathing for sport and life! 

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Breathe to Perform Video Courses

Simple videos. Powerful content. Access our video library and learn to unlock your performance potential through the Breathe to Perform program! 

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Sync your breath to music with our unique audio soundscapes! Download your free sample audio and practice breathing exercises by yourself, in a group, in a classroom, or in your gym. Instructions: Breathe to the sound of the digital heartbeat. Inhale and exhale to the same number of heartbeats. Start at a number that feels comfortable and increase this number as your breathing improves!


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