Breathe New Life into Your Box: The Online Course

A Breath Education Program for Crossfit Coaches and Gym Owners  

Breathing impacts the brain, the body, and the athletic ability of every athlete that you coach.

It is either a performance limiter - or a secret strength.

In our new online course we will show you how to bring practical breath education to your training community in an engaging way, create athlete "buy-in", and improve member retention while building fitness that transcends the gym and positively impacts the lives of your clients.

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Breathing influences movement

You will learn how to assess breathing mechanics and breathing efficiency in group settings

Simple. Powerful. Practical.

We will show you how to program simple breathing drills that make a big impact into your warm-ups and cool downs.

Train for sport. Train for life.

Learn to help athletes feel better, perform better, and reduce injury risk while engaging them in the training process like never before.

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Includes our Catch Your Breath course!

As part of our Breathe New Life Into Your Box online course, we have included our signature Catch Your Breath Course to help athletes improve aerobic capacity.

Breathe to Perfrom athlete testimonial, Brooke Rich

"I think back to those early days of nasal breathing in the gym, and how hard I thought it was! With slow and consistent practice I found myself improving. Today, I'm so much more aware of the tool of breathing. I use nasal breathing now on my runs, during my workouts, and to calm my body." 

Breathe New Life Into Your Box Participant Testimonial, Coach Daniel Skoblar

"This program is changing the way we look at breathing and exercise as a whole. Truly an eye opening experience."

A sneak peek from our live edition with coaches across the globe this past November


Rib cage shape influences range of motion


Nose breathing vs. mouth breathing  


The future of fitness is helping athletes train for life!

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