Breathe to Perform: The Online Course 

Over the course of 5 lessons we will show you how to build a daily breathing practice to reduce stress, improve energy, and peak mental and physical performance. This is a simple and easy to implement toolkit for individuals, families, or teams who want to learn to control their breath and control their lives. 

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In this online course you will learn:

  • How your breathing affects stress, anxiety, and mental and physical wellbeing
  • How to identify and correct common breathing issues that may be impacting your quality of life
  • Simple breathing exercises to help you relax, focus, and feel your best
  • An easy to follow 4 part program to improve your health, fitness, and performance 

Christopher Della Fave, Director of Innovative Programming, Hoboken Public School District, NJ

"A must for anyone interested in taking control of their stress levels and accessing their innate potential. A truly timely, knowledgeable, and necessary experience." 

Learn to Breathe to Perform

We have had the honor of sharing the Breathe to Perform seminar with families, companies, schools, and teams over the past several years. We're excited to pass along these power tools for mental and physical wellbeing to anyone who wants to learn how to breathe to perform! 

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