Catch Your Breath: 

The Runner's Guide to Beating Breathlessness and Unlocking Your Inner Athlete


Catch Your Breath: The Runner's Guide to Beating Breathlessness and Unlocking Your Inner Athlete

Catch Your Breath simplifies the science of how our bodies use oxygen. 

Our goal is to help you run faster, recover quicker, and feel your best by improving how you breathe. 

  • An easy to follow 3 week running program. 

  • Simple breathing exercises to improve how your body uses oxygen.

  • Benchmark tests to measure your progress! 

Breathe new life into your training today with the Catch Your Breath online course!

-David and Lex

Price: $20.00

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""Breath control has become my primary means of gauging and leveraging my effort when training. It has given me much greater control over my performance." "

Emily Grimm

""Practicing nasal, diaphragramtic breathing in an intentional and consistent way has helped me to run faster, harder and healthier. I've been able to find a whole new set of gears that I didn't even know existed and perform at a much higher level. This is the secret ingredient to sustainable, high-level performance and I can't recommend it enough." "

Ian Ramsey
Endurance Athlete

""Training with basically 100% nasal breathing has been amazing! I am the fastest that I've ever been at 51 years old!" "

Andy Gerry

""We've had David and Lex to our campus twice. Their knowledge of breathing patterns to reduce stress and anxiety and peak athletic performance was amazing. "

Mike Seltzer
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Bates College

""I dropped my nasal breathing 5k time by over 2 minutes in 20 days with the Breathe to Perform Online course.""

Luis Huerta
Breathe to Perform athlete

""I just ran 5 miles nasal breathing only...and I felt like I could run forever." "

Michelle Doherty
Breathe to Perform athlete

Experience our live Breathe to Perform seminar! 


We present our seminar to leading-edge training facilities, companies and schools. Contact us to learn more about bringing a Breathe to Perform seminar to your team! 

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Get your free Breathe to Perform audio file!


Sync your breath to music with our unique audio soundscapes! Download your free sample audio and practice breathing exercises by yourself, in a group, in a classroom, or in your gym.

Instructions for audio file:

Breathe to the sound of the digital heartbeat.

Inhale and exhale to the same number of digital heartbeats. Start where you feel comfortable and increase this number as your breathing improves!

Download your Breathe to Perform audio file!

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