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About David Bidler

David is a writer, speaker and performance breathing coach living in Portland, Maine.

David owns The Distance Project: Strength and Conditioning in Freeport, Maine. As a coach David works with clients of all backgrounds and athletic abilities to optimize their performance in sport and life. 

David's interest in sports science began when he started competing in ultramarathon trail races nearly a decade ago. David has completed several 100 mile trail ultramarathons, dozens of 50k and 50 mile races, and a 200 mile endurance run in the Cascade Mountains. 

Recently, David completed a 100 mile solo run on a local high school track to raise awareness about the need for breath education in schools. This was part of his Physiology First initiative, a nonprofit organization that David founded to provide leading edge tools to manage stress and anxiety with students across the nation. 

Listen to David discuss the initiative on the following podcasts. 

The OffBall Athlete Podcast.

The Morning Coffee Podcast.

David currently collaborates with leaders in the scientific, medical, and sports training community to incorporate the latest research in stress physiology into his Breathe to Perform seminar.

As a writer David has penned performance breathing articles for Trail Runner magazine and BoxRox magazine while working on the forthcoming Breathe to Perform book which is slated for a spring 2020 release. 

David is inspired to share this work with teams who strive to be the absolute best in their field. 

Follow David on Instagram @the_distance_project for daily writing on health, fitness, and breath education. 


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