The Breathe to Perform Seminar for Industry Leaders

Create an optimal working and learning environment through a deeper understanding of breathing and the brain. 

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Day Long Seminars

A professional development seminar focused on bringing evidence-based strategies for mitigating stress and anxiety and improving mental focus to you and your team. 


Set up a 90 minute video call to learn more about the latest science of stress and anxiety management and the role that breathing plays in emotional state management. 

Curriculum Design

Let us help you build a stress and anxiety management curriculum and breath education program that scales throughout your leadership team and those that you serve.  

Free Digital Tools

Download the free Breathe to Perform app on Apple IoS. Designed by BTP program founder David Bidler and neuroscientist Dr. Jose Herrero this is an easy-to-use tool for guiding breath exercises in your workplace. 

Connect With Other Industry Leaders

We are deeply involved in a nonprofit initiative, Physiology First, which unites industry leaders and works to share the latest science of stress and anxiety management with the next generation of leaders-the students in America's classrooms. 

Follow Up Support

Incorporating these concepts in a clear and consistent way is the key to maximizing their impact in your workplace. We offer follow-up support to all of our seminar participants in order to help guide implementation. 

Breath is a Universal Language

Breath transcends demographics, language barriers, and cultural distinctions and unites industry leaders and their teams across the board.

We have presented to companies, schools, and sports teams who share a desire to be among the best in their industry and breathing is the bridge that unites them all. 

The Future of Workplace Leadership is Here

Stress and anxiety management skills that respect the high demands placed on industry leaders and their teams in the digital age are critical to innovation, progress, and impact. Learn more about how we share this information at our Breathe to Perform seminars.

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Research Backed Strategies for Stress and Anxiety Management

Breathe to Perform founder David Bidler pictured with research partner and pioneering neuroscientist Dr. Jose Herrero. Our work is research backed and universally applicable to any workplace or leadership team.


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