Breathe to Perform: The Seminar for Industry Leaders and Their Teams 

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Part 1: Introductions

We use this opportunity to introduce our seminar staff and build a connection with your team. We solicit as much information about the direct and specific needs of your team as possible in order to serve them best. 

Part 2: Why Breathing Matters

We share the latest science from the sport, scientific, and medical community regarding the role that breathing plays in stress, anxiety, and physiological state management. 

This includes basic breath assessments (both biomechanical and physiological) and provides a framework for why breath awareness and breath control offers a distinct and unparalleled advantage when it comes to stress management, anxiety mitigation, and mental focus in the academic, medical, business, and sports realm. 

Part 3: Practical Application 

In-depth and personalized assessments of proper breathing function and carbon dioxide tolerance which plays a critical role in daily stress and anxiety levels. Application oriented Q&A to assure that participants understand how to apply concepts in "real-time" scenarios. 

Part 4: Restorative Breathing 

The ability to perform at a high level, recover efficiently, and repeat is a cornerstone of superior professional performance. We teach simple techniques to reduce stress, improve sleep, and lower stress "on the spot" when moments of overwhelm occur.  


Part 5: Long Term Application and Implementation

Participants learn how to apply these simple and effective principles with consistency in order to fully capitalize on their long term benefits.

We share our experience bringing this seminar offering into diverse settings so that leaders and their teams can experience the bidirectional benefits of short and simple breathing exercises.

All participants are provided with additional resources to further guide their progress. 


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